​​Petrochemical Production

Ethylene, “The King of Petrochemicals", is the base material for many petrochemical products. Commercial goods we use every day, such as engine coolant, synthetic rubbers and PVC, are manufactured from ethylene. Ethylene is the first member of alkenes, which also includes: propylene, butylene's, and butadiene's. Ethylene is produced from Natural Gas, LPG, Naphtha or refinery oil; however, with the abundance of Shale Gas, Ethane/Propane and natural gas are the most popular feedstock in the production of Ethylene in North America. Regardless of the feedstock, the basic process for ethylene and olefin production is similar. Each ethylene plant has multiple steam furnace crackers to handle a variety of feed types. Once cracked, the effluent is quenched, compressed and prepared for fractionation into petrochemical products. Teledyne systems provide efficient, effective and reliable support, data storage and reporting for the refining process and source emissions.

Analysis Point  Stream  Components Measured Teledyne Products
Furnace (Hot) SideFeed Analysis (Compositional)C2, C2=, C3, C3= Teledyne Falcon Series GC
Feed Analysis (Safety)H2S Model 6020L - H2S
Quick Effluent Efficiency AnalysisC2, C2=, C3, C3= Teledyne Falcon Series GC (Recommended to be paired with suitable Pyrolysis Probe unit)
Complete Compositional MeasurementH2, C1 to C5 + Teledyne Falcon Series GC (Recommended to be paired with suitable Pyrolysis Probe unit)
Fractionation TowersPurity measurements of Methane, Ethylene, Propylene, compositional analysis of Mix Olefins and GasolineVarious compositions of C1 to C5+, configuration based on the installation point and measurement Teledyne Falcon Series GC -Gas Phase Analysis -Liquid Phase Analysis for Mix Olefins & Gasoline
Impurity measurementsPPM levels of O2 in Ethylene TAI Model 3020T Electrochemical Sensor
Impurity measurementsPPM levels of CO, CO2 in Hydrogen TAI 7600Z multi-gas analyzer
Utilities (Water)Boiler Feed Water and Condensate WaterPH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Teledyne Model LXT380 with SP3X - Intelligent Sensors
Boiler Feed Water and Condensate WaterTotal Hydrocarbon TAI Model 4080
EnvironmentalFlue Gas/Emission Gas and performance indicators for Boilers, Furnaces, and RTOCO, CO2, NOx, O2, Opacity, SO2, VOC, Exhaust Gas Flow TAI Model 660, TML Full CEMS
Flue Gas/Emission Gas from FlaresH2, H2S, NHV, O2, Exhaust Gas Flow Teledyne Falcon Series GC, TML UltraFlow 150

Introducing our multi-purpose gas chromatograph for use in hot side or downstream production, quality assurance and control:

Teledyne Falcon UltraFast Gas Chromatograph

The Teledyne Falcon Gas Chromatograph is a fast and superior analyzer perfect for process sampling and field testing to verify consistency of materials and processes. Fence line or exhaust Benzene or VOC monitoring can be performed continuously or on an intermittent (portable) basis. The Teledyne Falcon GC paired with an FID detector will speciate hydrocarbons in a fuel sample for determining fuel quality and heating value. The simplified modular design means that a technician can swap a column or detector and perform maintenance quickly and with minimal training. Teledyne's Ultra-fast Gas Chromatograph is: 


  • Fast cycle times with true composition measurements suitable for composition control in near real-time
  • Adaptable to many challenging applications such as purity, impurity measurements and simulated distillation
  • Scrutinize data rich measurement results in the laboratory
  • Portable units available for field testing
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto sampler and Sample splitter available
  • ASTM Methods D2887, D7798, D3710, D7096, D86
  • Chromperfect® Chromatography Data System


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