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  • ​Teledyne Acquires Falcon Analytical Systems & Technologies​​

    On 16 October, Teledyne Technologies announced the acquisition of the assets of Falcon Analytical Systems & Technologies, LLC, located in Lewisburg, West Virginia USA.  The manufacturer of gas and liquid chromatography (GC) products will be relocated to Englewood, Colorado USA where its operations will continue as a Teledyne product line.  The Falcon portfolio brings with it decades of experience from its personnel, some of whom will continue as Teledyne employees. 

    Falcon’s flagship Calidus chromatograph shall be rebranded as a Teledyne Analytical Instruments Falcon Series Chromatograph.  It boasts a compact and low power form factor, making it good for gas and liquid applications requiring a fixed or transportable form factor.  The patented design achieves cycle times faster than those of competitors and allows for up to two columns and detectors.  Several detector options are available for comprehensive analyses of many gases across all ranges.

    Falcon’s installed base includes over 300 units in operation at 60 sites across 25 countries.  The reference list includes major players in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other industries.

    You are welcome to visit the web page​ and use the current Falcon marketing resources in the immediate term.  Transition of Falcon’s products and literature into Teledyne’s portfolio is currently in process and will be shared as available.

    For additional information, Please contact sales at [email protected] or find your regional sales manager at: