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  • TML RegPerfect User Group Meeting Cancellation

    To our Valued RegPerfect Users:

    This letter is to notify you that due to the continuing “safer-at-home" and widespread company travel restrictions caused by the current pandemic, we are unfortunately postponing the RegPerfect User Group gathering for 2020. However, in lieu of gathering, we are working on adding some helpful tools to our website.

    Please note that our current pandemic response letter can be found on our news and events page, specifically at:

    We have started adding RegPerfect support features that can be viewed on the RegPerfect support pages. The main RegPerfect support page is located at: We would love it if you would email your feedback on features that would be value-add for your facility.

    A couple specific pages of interest are listed below.

    ​1. ​​Call ticke​ts may now be entered online at:
    ​2. An example silent training video is available at:​​ 
    (use box [ ] to expand and Escape key to reduce video size)

    Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate social distancing guidelines and find alternative methods to connect with you. Again, we would love to hear what website features will help your facility.

    Please share this information within your organization as you may be the only contact receiving this RegPerfect notification. If you have any questions or would like to offer feedback on useful web tools, please email this group:;; . We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing interest in Teledyne products and services. We hope you have a healthy and fruitful year ahead.​