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  • ​RegPerfect v8001.0 has arrived!

    Teledyne Monitor Labs (TML) is excited to announce the release of RegPerfect v8001.0 (RPv8001.0).  In the last few months, TML has been tirelessly working to improve the product and we believe that RPv8001.0 will help you perform your CEMS monitoring and reporting duties more efficiently and effectively, while enjoying your experience even more.

    RPv8001.0 is a maintenance release with 36 total bug/enhancement/new feature items.  See the release notes for more details on the changes - available on request.

    RPv8001.0 is supported on the following platforms:

    • Server - Windows Server 2019, .NET Framework v4.8, SQL Server 2019, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
    • Server - Windows Server 2016, .NET Framework v4.8, SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
    • Workstation - Windows 10, .NET Framework v4.8, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)

    Contact RegPerfect tech support to find out how to get this latest version.

    [email protected]

    800-846-6062 Option 2



    RegPerfect Platform and 3rd Party Software Deprecation Notices

    Windows 7 Workstations

    As of January 1, 2020, Windows 7 is no longer a supported operating system for RegPerfect workstations.  The last version of RegPerfect that supported Windows 7 is RegPerfect v7102.0.  If you are still running Windows 7 workstations for RegPerfect, you should upgrade all of your workstation systems/computers to Windows 10.

    Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL Server 2012 Server Platform

    RegPerfect v7103.0 was the last RegPerfect version that is supported on the Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL Server 2012 server platform.  To upgrade to RegPerfect versions beyond RPv7103.0, you will need to upgrade your platform/3rd party software.

    Office 2010/Access Runtime 2010

    RegPerfect v7103.0 was the last RegPerfect version supporting Office 2010/Access Runtime 2010.  For RegPerfect v8000.0 and beyond, Office “16" (Office 2016, Office 365, Office 2019) and Microsoft 365 Access Runtime are the only supported means of running RegPerfect Access apps.

    Internet Explorer 11

    Microsoft is deprecating and obsolescing Internet Explorer 11 in mid-2022.  RegPerfect v8001.0 will be the last version that recommends using IE11.  You should plan on switching browsers (to Chrome or Edge) as soon as possible.

    Contact RegPerfect tech support to find out more about upgrading to supported platforms and/or 3rd party software.

    [email protected]

    800-846-6062 Option 2​