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  • RegPerfect and ECMPS Re-Engineering Update

    ​​After some delays and postponements from the ECMPS Re-Engineering team, the ECMPS Re-Engineering update (more formally named ECMPS 2.0) is back on and will become effective with the first reported emissions to be submitted for the Q1 2024 emissions submission period.  ECMPS 2.0 is a new web-based (and JSON-based) reporting platform and will also include additional data elements specified in the July 17, 2020 Mercury and Air Toxics Standard for Power Plants Final Electronic Reporting Revisions and other applicable regulatory reporting requirements.

    TML is working on updates to RegPerfect to support both aspects of ECMPS 2.0 release and will have an official release in late 2023 (or early 2024) that supports ECMPS 2.0.  Additionally, TML may provide multiple (beta) releases in 2023 to coincide with the ECMPS Re-Engineering team's releases that add functionality and documentation.  If you'd like to be a beta site, please contact our RegPerfect tech support using the contact info below.

    Important: RegPerfect's support for ECMPS 2.0 will only be available for the current RegPerfect platforms, that is:

    • Server - Windows Server 2019 64-bit, SQL Server​ 2019 64-bit, .NET Framework v4.8, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
    • Server - Windows Server 2016 64-bit, SQL Server 2016 64-bit, .NET Framework v4.8, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
    • Workstation - Windows 10, .NET Framework v4.8, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)

    If your current RegPerfect system does not meet these standards and you'll need to report using ECMPS 2.0, you will need to upgrade your RegPerfect system (for servers, preferably the 2019 platform).  Again, contact support for more information on upgrade options.


    TML RegPerfect Tech Support
    [email protected]
    800-846-6062 Option 2