Designed for today, prepared for tomorrow.

Combining sophisticated technology with
​​maintenance-friendly design.

​Traditional Gas Instruments
​N Series Gas Instruments
​N Serie​​​​​​s Advantages
​Legacy, master-slave based communications with motherboard host controller required
​Multiple smart, microprocessor-controlled modules with robust Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus communications
​Easy field replacement with pre-tested and calibrated modules
​Power delivered separately to individual components
​Single, common cable set from the mainboard provides both power and data along the CAN Bus
​Simplifies cabling and improves reliability with fewer connections, less cabling
​Multiple AC and DC power supplies required for internal components
​One single, common u​niversal power supply with all internal DC-powered components
​Simplifies internal layout and consumes less power
​Relay-based, hard power switch
​Soft-power front panel switch
​Improves reliability by allowing safe software shutdown before powering off
​Antiquated displays and user interfaces
​NumaView™ Software and NumaView™ Remote Software
​Improves efficiency with mature, familiar and intuitive user interface
​Fixed chassis
​Split fold-down rear panel
​Decreases field maintenance time with easy access to internal pneumatic connections
​1-year standard warranty
​All T Series and N Series instruments include a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and free lifetime technical support by phone and email
​Increases value of your investment

Simple operation and integration guaranteed.


Meet the new N Series Gas Instruments​​​



​Ranges (Min / Max)

SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)​

​0-50 ppb / 0-20,000 ppb
​0-10ppm / 0-5,000 ppm

​​NO, NO2, NOX (Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide)​

​0-50 ppb / 0-20,000 ppb
​0-1 ppm / 0-200 ppm
​0-5 ppm / 0-5,000 ppm

​CO (Carbon Monoxide)

​0-1 ppm / 0-1,000 ppm
​0-5 ppm / 0-5,000 ppm

​CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

​0-2 ppm / 0-2,000 ppm
​0-4 ppm / 0-4,000 ppm
Integrated paramagnetic O2 and/or NDIR CO2 sensors are available for some models. Refer to product specification sheets for details.


• ​​Customizable, capacitive touch screen display with scrolling capability

• Programmable quick-view meter variables and test functions

• Real time gra​​phical representation of any dynamic parameter

• Customizable alerts and datalogging events

• Remote access and control using NumaView™ Remote Software*

• Ability to view graphs of historical logged data on the screen

• Simple and intuitive calibration functions

• USB utility for both uploading and downloading dat​​​a

• On-demand instrument health status report

• Multiple language support

*on any Windows® device