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RegPerfect and ECMPS Re-Engineering Update
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Data management is vital to your company's bottom line and mission critical environmental compliance goals. Today's environmental professionals must learn to do more with less when faced with budget constraints, rising operating costs, and staff reductions. TML helps environmental professionals around the world meet these challenges by offering RegPerfect Software.

The Teledyne Monitor Labs RegPerfect®  software system is a state of the art Data Acquisition Handling and Reporting Sytem. RegPerfect® is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience in the data acquisition system business. The software is designed to comply with the data collection, quality assurance, and reporting requirements of federal and local regulatory agencies. Operating in real time, this rugged platform provides the visibility, connectivity and securityfor all of your environmental and operational needs related to the performance of your Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) System. For the most recent updates to the software, please visit the Product Status​ page.

    ✔ Reliable solution provides real-time visibility and connectivity for environmental and operational needs
    ✔ Secure system provides access and authorization control to ensure NERC and FERC security requirements are met
    ✔ 24 x 7 software support available providing rapid assessment, diagnosis and conclusion
    ✔ No charge annual user group meetings to listen to your needs, showcase software, regulatory updates and training

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RegPerfect is a cost effective data acquisition system (DAS) for monitoring, recording and reporting emissions to demonstrate compliance with Federal, State and local requirements or International Directives. The easy to use software application is the perfect tool for maintaining compliance with your regulatory requirements.

This reliable server-client solution provides the real time visibility and connectivity for all your environmental and operational needs, particularly those related to the performance of your Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) systems. RegPerfect minimizes operator involvement by calculating permitted parameters, verifying measurement system integrity, and implementing data substitution algorithms (when required) to provide certified data for reporting. 

TML has more than 50 years of experience designing, building, maintaining, and integrating CEM Systems into your facility for environmental compliance. RegPerfect can be fully integrated into existing and new CEM System applications including in-situ, extractive, dilution extractive, opacity, ambient systems, and can also provide MACT parameter monitoring. For extensive data buffering and standard plant controller communication protocols, TML recommends either a C3io Controller or an Allen Bradley or GE Programmable Logic Controller interface with RegPerfect. RegPerfect can also communicate with data loggers and most Modbus devices.


  • ​Recordkeeping & Reporting Compliance for Alberta Canada, U.S. EPA 40CFR60/63/75/98 and state specific reporting for PA, UT, CA (SCAQMD, SJVAPCD, etc).
  • Edit and Recalculate Data
  • Probe Leak Detection
  • Calibration Gas Management
  • Compliance Widget
  • QA Test Monitoring
  • HMI Data Display & Control


RegPerfect® CEMS Compliance Data Acquisition and Handling System includes the following:

  • RAID-1 Hot-Plug Tower Server Hardware
  • Intel® Xeon® Quad Core Processor, 2.4 GHz or better
  • 300/300 GB 15K RPM SCSI hard drive (Qty 4)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB External Hard Drive Backup
  • Network, video, and sound cards
  • Tower Case with power supply
  • Two (2) Year Extended On-Site Hardware Warranty
  • UPS PRO 420 Power Back Up
  • Keyboard, mouse
  • 24" LCD Monitor
  • HP LaserJet 2 Pro
  • Microsoft Windows® Server  (CAL=5)
  • Microsoft SQL® (CAL=5)
  • Microsoft Office® Home and Business


Applications: Unlimited.


Stop paying high prices for software support, TML offers the most affordable SW Support Plans available with tangible benefits like no charge upgrades. 

Each year TML offers no charge RegPerfect User Group Meetings to listen to your needs, showcase software cha​nges, provide regulatory updates and worthwhile training. This is your time dedicated to address your needs and concerns. We listen to you to determine what we can do better to serve you. Contact your Sales Representative.

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​Regular Maintenance:

TML suggests annual disk defragmentation and database re-indexing.

Computer health checks are available to be performed remotely. Please see the RegPerfect Support Page for more information.