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TML, the market leader in continuous emission monitoring, also offers a comprehensive cost effective solution for monitoring, recording and reporting Continuous Parameter Monitoring System (CPMS) data for compliance with 40CFR60, 40CFR63, and 40CFR98.

RegPerfect will communicate with fuel flow meters, baghouse Dp monitors, scrubber flow rate monitors, ESP line voltage, catalyst Dp monitors and temperature and many other control device signals. These signals can be wired or speak Modbus to our C3IO Controller or we can communicate by the following methods:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • MODBUS Serial RTU
  • MODBUS Ethernet/IP
  • OPC
  • Allen Bradley PLC protocols
  • General Electric PLC protocols
  • Direct Database to SQL Server Database
  • Serial Hessen

The CPMS DAS software comes preloaded and configured right out of the box to interface with continuous parameter monitoring; it can also be started up remotely which provides additional cost savings.

Example CPMS RICE MACT limits

40 CFR 63 Subpart ZZZZ



Pressure drop across oxidation catalyst, inches of water

Maintain the catalyst so that the pressure drop across the catalyst does not change by more than 2 inches of water at 100 percent load plus or minus 10 percent from the pressure drop across the catalyst that was measured during the initial performance test

Oxidation catalyst inlet temperature, °F

Maintain the temperature of the stationary RICE exhaust so that the oxidation catalyst inlet temperature is greater than or equal to 450 °F and less than or equal to 1350 °F

NOX, tons/year

The combined total NOX from emissions units RICE01 through RICE10 shall not exceed 170.0 tons per year, based on a 12-month rolling total, calculated monthly

CO2, lb/MWhr

CO2 emissions from each emissions unit (RICE01 through RICE10) shall not exceed 1,100 lb/MWhr of gross electric output based on a 12-month rolling average, calculated monthly

VOC, lb/hr

4.49 lb/hr each unit, excluding startup

CO, lb/hr

4.43 lb/hr each unit, excluding startup

PM10/PM2.5, lb/hr

2.37 lb/hr each unit


Typical RICE MACT Engine Data Flowchart