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RegPerfect® Dashboards is a graphical user interface which provides systems data including alarms, calibrations, control, compliance, trends, maintenance logs, etc....using a collection of preconfigured widgets.  The simple intuitive graphical user interface is in the browser-based suite of RegPerfect applications.  Dashboards can be created and shared with all systems users or a single logged in user can maintain privilege to only their dashboard.  Widgets can be configured to:

  • View and acknowledge warning and exceedance alarms for failed calibration, invalid data, excess emissions and system health.
  • Display daily and quarterly quality assurance test calibrations
  • Control instrument calibrations
  • Display process data, quality, and operational/environmental status
  • Display data parameters in a spreadsheet view
  • Display RegPerfect health including data calculations, data collection, and scheduled tasks
  • Trend graphical data for environmental and process parameters
  • Display electronic system maintenance logs
  • Generate most important daily reports
Dashboard Capture.JPG