Teledyne Falcon UltraFast Gas Chromatograph

Teledyne-Falcon GC Brochu​​re​

​​​Teledyne-Falcon GC Manual​ (contains EAR controlled data, please contact [email protected]​​)

​The Teledyne-Falcon Gas Chromatograph (CalidusTM) is now manufactured and fully supported by Teledyne which acquired assets of Falcon Analytical Systems & Technologies, LLC in October 2018. Along with Falcon assets, most employees now work for Teledyne, so the transition has been seamless and highly successful. To find sales and support, go to:  Worldwide Sales Representatives.

The Teledyne Falcon Gas Chromatograph is a fast and superior analyzer perfect for process sampling and field testing to verify consistency of materials and processes. Fence line or exhaust Benzene or VOC monitoring can be performed continuously or on an intermittent (portable) basis. The Teledyne Falcon GC paired with an FID detector will speciate hydrocarbons in a fuel sample for determining fuel quality and heating value. The simplified modular design means that a technician can swap a column or detector and perform maintenance quickly and with minimal training. Teledyne's Ultra-fast Gas Chromatograph is: 


  • Fast cycle times with true composition measurements suitable for composition control in near real-time
  • Adaptable to many challenging applications such as purity, impurity measurements and simulated distillation
  • Scrutinize data rich measurement results in the laboratory
  • Portable units available for field testing
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto sampler and Sample splitter available
  • ASTM Methods D2887, D7798, D3710, D7096, D86
  • Chromperfect® Chromatography Data System


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