The DeltaFlow® 180, measures volumetric flow from smoke stacks or pipes for process and compliance applications; it is a complete flow monitoring solution with easy installation in all applications including those with elevated temperature, particulate loading and corrosive gas concentration.

Deltaflow 180 Logo.pngModel DF180


Gas Flow Rate and Temperature Monitor

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  • Compliant with US EPA and international air quality regulations
  • Available for Class 1, Division II and ATEX Zone 2 hazardous area installations
  • Automated purge and interference check to ensure continuous operation
  • Conversion to standard flow rates for temperature and pressure variations
  • Browser based application for setup, data management, and system control
  • 30-days of data stored locally when used with TML’s RegPerfect® Software



Long Term Repeatability
Relative Accuracy
(vs. EPA Test Method 2)

Response Time

0-300 ft/sec (0-91 m/sec)
± 0.3 ft/sec (± 0.1 m/sec)
Site dependent, see Commercial Performance Warranty
Typically < 5% above 10 ft/sec
8 seconds
± 1.5% of span over operating temperature range of instrument enclosure



-40° to 1000°F (-40° to +538°C) **
-2 to 2 psig (-13.8 to 13.8 kPa)
Dry to saturated, including condensed water
3000 mg/m3
DUCT SIZEDiameterFrom 1 - 45 Ft. (0.3 – 14m)  Dia.
Long Term Repeatability
± 6 °F (-14.4°C)
± 0.5% of span per year
POWER REQUIREMENTS 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 70 VA Maximum

Ambient Temperature Limits


Relative Humidity


Instrument Enclosure Ratings

Probe Assembly:  -40° to +160°F (-40° to 71°C)
Instrument Enclosure:  +20° to 104°F (-6.7 to +40°C)

Probe Assembly:  5% to 100% humidity, condensing
Instrument Enclosure:  0 to 95% non-condensing

NEMA 4/IP66 is standard, Ex Py purge protection can be added as an option for Class I Division 2, and Zone 2 applications

MOUNTINGProcess Connection4" 150# ANSI flange

Instrument Enclosure


Probe Assembly

Size: 30H x 24W x 12D (inches), 76H x 61W x 30.5D (cm)
Weight: 135 lbs. (61 kg)

Size: Application dependent
Weight: 26 lbs. (11.8 kg), typical, application dependent

User Input ControlsWeb interface

Analog Outputs       Number
                                   Isolation Type

Digital Inputs           Number

Relay Outputs          Number & Type

Optical & capacitive barriers: channel to channel, channel to circuit common & earth
Non-isolated (dry contact)

4 SPDT, N.O./N.C. (Single Pole Double Throw, Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts), 0-240VAC/VDC, 10A Max

*   Teledyne Monitor Labs reserves the rights to make changes in construction, design, specifications, and/or prices without prior notice.

** High temperature applications, please consult factory.

​ ​


The DELTAFLOW, Model DF180, is a state of the art differential pressure measurement system used to calculate gas velocity and pollutant mass emissions in square, rectangular or circular air ducts and stacks using either single or multi point measurements.  It especially excels in gas streams with challenging properties such as high temperature, moisture content, pressure, and corrosivity.


Pitot Tube Probe

Depending on the application, the pitot tube probe is constructed of stainless steel or hastelloy for easy cleaning and  a long service life. A thermocouple temperature sensor is included in the probe assembly.  The differential pressure measurement is performed using a pitot tube that is connected to a pressure sensor with Teflon tubing.   Mounting is done by 4" flange; the tube is provided with an external indicator, so that its impact port can be accurately rotated to face directly into the gas flow.

Deltaflow Probe2.jpg 


Instrument Enclosure

The optional instrument  box enclosure is rated NEMA 4/IP66 as standard equipment but can be upgraded with purge protection to meet  Class 1, Division 2, Zone 2 specifications; it can be mounted at the stack/duct , climate controlled shelter, or at grade level.  Pressure and temperature transducers and a custom valve and manifold design are housed within the enclosure; these components provide precision calibrations and blowbacks to maintain reliable accuracy.  


Deltaflow enclosure.jpg 



The DELTAFLOW, Model DF180, Instrument Control Panel features 10/100 Based Ethernet interface as standard equipment. This capability provides a multilevel password protected interface to TCP/IP networks such as LAN's or the Internet. Client side user interface access is via standard web browsers. Simultaneous Modbus TCP access to instrument parameters and emission data is also supported.

Web Browser Interface

The DELTAFLOW Ethernet web browser interface is used to view data, calibrations, alarms, configure, etc...


Deltaflow Web Interface.jpg