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Tired of paying high prices for software support and not getting the support you expect?  TML offers the most affordable Software Support Plans available with tangible benefits like no charge upgrades and staff on-call 24 x 7 to address CEMS emergencies.  TML understandards your security needs and we diligently work to support all types of remote access methods supported by your IT staff and comply with mandatory background check requests. Ask us about our Competitor DAS Replacement Program

Software support includes RegPerfect, HMI and controller support. Please see hardware technical support for ERP, instrument and firmware questions.

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Free Upgrades1

Free upgrades of RegPerfect product releases are provided throughout the term of the Software Support Plan.  This means that you are always running the latest release of RegPerfect without the need to renegotiate the cost of the product.

Having a Software Support Plan for RegPerfect means that you can take advantage of new features and improvements right away and provides better value for your money than buying upgrades and new versions.  You will also avoid delays and needless paperwork and can easily budget for RegPerfect Software Support.  If you are an existing user of our software and don't have a Software Support Plan but wish to upgrade to the latest version of your product, contact us for pricing.

Please call us at 1-800-846-6062 option #2 to receive an upgrade electronically or on DVD. 

Dependable Service Means Better Data Availability

CEMS downtime can mean air pollutants are not being properly monitored, and with today's EPA requirements, every minute of lost data will be a significant issue.  However, by partnering with TML is a Software Support Plan, the administrative hassles and delays for fulfilling service requests are eliminated, particularly in emergency or after-hours situations, thus ensuring a minimum of downtime.

TML offers 24x7 Technical Phone Support providing you with rapid assessment, diagnosis and repair of your RegPerfect system.  In addition, TML will quickly dispatch a highly-trained technical Service Engineer for on-site service, when necessary.

In summary, our plans offer the fastest possible response time for your mission critical applications.


Remote Diagnostics Provide Rapid Response

TML provides continual remote diagnostics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  All you need is high speed internet and virtual private network access.

Every event that occurs on the CEMS is accessible, both in real time and historically.  Using remote diagnostics, Teledyne Monitor Labs can therefore assess and often resolve problems without travelling to site minimizing your downtime. 


Support Plans That Offer Fit and Flexibility

Teledyne Monitor Labs Service Plans are designed for flexibility, letting you choose a level of support that fits the needs of your facility.  We offer a complete range of service plans from maintenance programs to comprehensive plans that ensure your system stays current with the latest regulations and technology.

If your in-house capabilities are extensive, consider our discounted Sapphire Level Plan.  If your in-house capabilities are limited, Teledyne Monitor Labs offers proactive monitoring, and on-site service like the Diamond Plan.  Whatever your needs, Teledyne Monitor Labs has a service plan that fits.

1 Upgrades that include new features and service patches are included.  Any upgrade based on changing regulatory requirements is excluded, unless specifically addressed in other TML documentation.

Teledyne RegPerfect® Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS)

Data management is vital to your company's bottom line and mission critical environmental compliance goals. The RegPerfect Data Acquisition system is a cost effective and superior data processing and acquisition system perfect for ambient, process and emission measurement and calculations to demonstrate and maintain compliance with International, Federal, State, and Regional regulatory requirements.

    ✔ Reliable solution provides real-time visibility and connectivity for environmental and operational needs
    ✔ Secure system provides access and authorization control to ensure NERC and FERC security requirements are met
    ✔ 24 x 7 software support available providing rapid assessment, diagnosis and conclusion
    ✔ No charge annual user group meetings to listen to your needs, showcase software, regulatory updates and training