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DAHS Training

A factory training course is held at a minimum of once per quarter at the Teledyne Monitor Labs training facility or schedule training at your facility.

Our experienced instructors provide students with a working knowledge of theory of operation, best practices, troubleshooting and regulatory guidance. The classroom environment is organized to encourage interaction between the students and instructor.

Demonstration equipment is provided so that the student gets real work-type problem solving and solutions which are critical for ensuring environmental compliance.

RegPerfect DAHS Training Dates

Date(s)      Location
Due to COVID restrictions, all factory training has been postponed until futher notice. We are hopeful factory training will be available later this year. TML does offer remote webinar training on a customer by customer basis.
Remote Only​

Reg​Perfect Training Syllabus

*NOTE: Course dates are subject to change, and custom courses may be added based on availability.

For pricing and scheduling options, please contact:

Lisa Ware, Training Manager
Tel: 303-792-4351, Office: 800-422-1499

To Register, please complete the following two forms:

1-Registration Form

2-On-Site Visitor Information Form 

* Both of these forms MUST be completed to secure training and access to our facility.

*NOTE: A confirmation email will be sent after the registration form is submitted and should be brought to class confirming your registration. Additionally, TML reserves the right to cancel the class if registration number is low or instructor becomes unavailable.



For directions to our facility and nearby hotel listings, click here.