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In the face of ever-changing technology and regulations, staff reductions and rising operating expenses, it's becoming increasingly difficult for environmental professionals to maintain compliance while meeting operating budgets and desired returns.  TML is helping environmental professionals around the world meet these challenges through Regulatory Compliance Services

TML has more than 50 years' experience:

  • ​Generating 40CFR, Part 60/63/98 Hardcopy and Electronic Quarterly Reports
  • Generating 40CFR, Part 75 Electronic Data Reports (EDR - Quarterly)
  • Generating PADEP Electronic and Hardcopy Reports, and Phase I, II, III Plans
  • Drafting and revising 40CFR, Part 60/75 CEMS QA/QC Plans
  • Drafting and revising 40CFR, Part 75 Monitoring Plans
  • Performing CEMS Compliance Audits
  • Performing CEMS Certification and Recertification including Drafting Test Protocols
  • Performing CEMS Quarterly Quality Assurance Audits and Reports
  • Performing CEMS Data Mining and Assessment
  • Performing CEMS Operating Permit Review and Compliance Assessments

Remote Reports/EDR Review Maintenance Option

This optional service item includes periodic Remote Checks as described below, plus quarterly [or semi-annual] report package generation and review of permit limited parameters for each reporting quarter. This includes 40 CFR 75, 40 CFR 63, 40 CFR 60, 40 CFR 98, Alberta Canada, PA DEP, SC AQMD, Texas, Utah or other regional DAS and electronic reports review.

Additional checks include comprehensive data analysis and verification through report generator or, if applicable, via EPA’s Emission Collection and Monitoring Plan System’s (ECMPS) client tool for 40 CFR 75 parameters. A written recommendation regarding comprehensive hourly, summary and quality assurance test records is prepared and sent to the customer via e-mail.

A Teledyne Monitor Labs’ Regulatory Specialist will connect to your system approximately 4 -5 times per quarter and check for missing data and errors in the data. TML will compile a list of concerns and comments for the customer to answer. TML will then apply any corrections to the system and recalculate data as necessary.

Other value added services reported to you include QA test analysis such as:

• Review QA/QC exemptions quarterly
• Review load usage for RATA specification annually
• Perform range/span test annually
• Verify complete and successful linearity/CGA quarterly
• Verify complete and successful RATA annually or semi-annually
• Perform Flow or Fuel to Load Test quarterly

This service is for Report Preparation Assistance. Actual submittal may be required to be performed by the customer’s designated representative.

Please contact us for more information or to specify your review and reporting needs.

Lisa Ware, Software Manager