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News & Upcoming Events

Check out our news and events below to see product information and what industry conferences and trainings TAMS will be participating in this year. 

 News & Events

  • A New Flow Instrument

    TML announces the release of a brand new flow monitor, the DeltaFlow® 180, which measures volumetric flow from smoke stacks or pipes for process and compliance applications.

     LEARN MORE at New-Flow-Monitor.aspx

  • RegPerfect® Software Release, Version 7.2

    ​TML announces the release of its Data Acquisition and Reporting Software, RegPerfect Version 7.2, for use with Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS).

    The release of Version 7.2 is a maintenance release and adds some new features to its browser based applications  to further enhance the user experience.

    RegPerfect Version 7.2 Release Highlights:

    • The Asset Management application, used for tracking Calibration Gas Cylinder Management, has been updated to allow scanned cylinder QR codes to be imported.
    • Data Details View and Calibration Chart View have been added to the readily accesible features of the Q/A Tests widget.
    • Emailing reminders of approaching and expired Q/A test due dates has been added to the Reminders widget.
    • The calculation engine has been improved for additional efficiency enhancements.
  • Teledyne Analytical Instruments is Attending ASTM D02 June 2019 Meeting

    ​Please visit us at the ASTM meeting in Denver June 23-27, 2019.

  • Teledyne Monitor Labs is Attending CAPCA Fall 2019

    ​We will be at Booth # 12 from October 23-25, 2019 and hope to see you there!

  • Teledyne Analytical Instruments is Attending the Gulf Coast Conference

    ​​Teledyne Analytical Instruments is Attending the Gulf Coast Conference​ October 15-16, 2019. Please come see our gas chromatograph and how it can help at booth #804!

  • Teledyne Monitor Labs is Attending PNWIS

    ​Come find our exhibit at PNWIS October 22-25, 2019

  • Teledyne Monitor Labs is Attending POWERGEN International Exhibition and Summit

    Come say Hi at our ​Booth # 3159 November 19-21, 2019

  • Teledyne Analytical Instruments is Attending ASTM D02 December 2019 Meeting

    ​Please stop by our booth at this hospitality event December 8-12, 2019

  • Gas Instrument Repair Depot Reopens

    ​TML announces the return of the Gas Instrument repair depot in our Colorado facility.

     LEARN MORE at Repair-Depot.aspx

  • LaserHawk QA Test Requirement 

    Available now, TML offers calibration filters that meet all three Audit point specifications. A zero filter cannot be used for this test if you evaluate accuracy using equation 2-1a which will result in a divide by zero error. We have a 16.7 percent filter available for Audit point 1.   

     LEARN MORE at LaserHawk-QA-Test.aspx