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  • Teledyne Announces Our New Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Gas Analyzer

    Teledyne's 6020L series of analyzers leverage the latest in Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy to achieve ultra-low, fast and reliable analysis of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and moisture (H2Ov). The TDL uses direct measurements which means no more switching valves, less hassle disposing of scrubber media, lower cost of ownership, and a much faster response/reading time.

    • Robust dilution air clean-up and sample conditioning
    • Fully certified for hazardous areas
    • Precision temperature control of the sample cell
    • 316 stainless steel sample system

    For additional information, Please contact sales at [email protected] or find your regional sales manager at: