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  • ECMPS & MATS 2.0 Data Reporting Update

    The follow information pertains to MATS 2.0 data reporting starting Q1 2024.  If you and your site don't need to report MATS 2.0 starting Q1 2024, please disregard the note.


    On February 06,2024, Chris Worley and EPA's Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) held an online webinar/meeting to discuss the Q1 2024 reporting requirements. Although the meeting still left a lot of things open-ended/unclear, here is a brief summary of TML's take on the outcome of the meeting:

    • The current reporting client tool – ECMPS 1.0 Client Tool – MATS PDF module will be updated to accept PDF, XML, and JSON files.
    • You need to submit your Q1 2024 reporting data through the updated client tool, and the updated version of it won't be available until mid-March.
    • The EPA/ECMPS is providing data format submission options – PDF, XML, or JSON.
    • The semiannual compliance report and all the data submitted on it have been replaced/renamed to the quarterly compliance report (QCR), the QCR can be submitted as PDF.  The EPA recommends discussing the QCR data and format submittal with your delegated authority.
    • For Appendix E for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) Rule to be reported Q1 2024:
      • Sections 2-13 – summary of quarterly compliance report, can be submitted in whatever format available – PDF, XML, JSON – even though the rule states XML, and discuss with your delegated authority
      • Sections 14-30 – stack test and supplemental stack test data – the recommendation from Chris Worley was to export the necessary data from the ERT tool in XML format, but could also be submitted in PDF
      • Section 31 – a catch-all for whatever other data is needed/wanted – submit in PDF format
    • Any QA and/or hourly and 30-day average data – PM or otherwise – that is needed to be reported also can be submitted in all formats (PDF, XML, or JSON – if XML or JSON is available).


    RegPerfect and TML's recommendations are:

    • The EPA/ECMPS 1.0 MATS PDF module provides data format submission options – use the option that best and most easily gets the data you need to submit.
    • Install and use RegPerfect v8101.0 when available.
      • Finishing touches and testing on RegPerfect v8101.0 are currently in progress, and a future note will announce its release and general availability.
    • RegPerfect v8101.0:
      • Reporting of existing XML data elements will continue to be supported, with the addition of Daily Backstop data required under the Good Neighbor Plan.
      • The new MATS 2.0 data and elements will NOT be supported in XML format.
      • Forms for configuring and/or entering data into RegPerfect for the MATS 2.0 elements have been added (for example, emissions – MATS monitor and derived hourly values, daily backstop data and QA/Cert – PM correlation tests, PM RCA, HCl RAA, HCl CGA, QCR, etc.).
      • A JSON file with the new MATS 2.0 data and elements can be generated.
      • Supported on the following platforms:
        • Server - Windows Server 2019, .NET Framework v4.8, SQL Server 2019, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
        • Server - Windows Server 2016, .NET Framework v4.8, SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)
        • Workstation - Windows 10, .NET Framework v4.8, Microsoft Access 365 Runtime (32-bit)


    Please feel free to contact our RegPerfect support team for more information and/or to submit any questions.

    [email protected]

    800-846-6062 Option 2


    For more information and/or clarification on the Q1 2024 reporting, please contact Chris Worley at either:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]