Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AAQMS)

TML's low level air quality monitoring systems are custom designed to meet our customer's ambient air monitoring requirements.

Production Ambient.png

A typical design includes:

  • Instruments for the measurement of H2S/SO2, NO/NO2/NOx, CO, O3, PM10/2.5 mounted in an open rack for easy access and maintenance.
  • Calibration gas dilutor calibrator, zero air module, valves and regulators for instrument quality assurance calibrations and audits.
  • Controller for system sequencing, control and alarms
  • Ambient air data acquisition system software for recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Cellular modem and antenna for remote connection.
  • Meteorological tower and instruments including wind speed/direction, and ambient temperature.
  • Mobile trailer or permanent static shelter with redundant HVAC.  Material construction consists of wood,  aluminum and stainless steel.  The shelter is manufactured to meet current NEC and USA local/national building code(s).